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Description of DIYZ

Be your own Pro and do it yourself with the help of DIYZ! Home improvement and remodeling have never been easier, as DIYZ is your one-stop shop to get your DIY home improvement projects completed quickly and effectively. DIYZ gives you instant access to a variety of features, including:

1. Hundreds of how-to videos & step-by-step instructions - DIYZ will take you through each home project step-by-step using photos and videos. Go from a DIY’er to a DIYZ’er and ‘favorite’ projects you are most interested in! You can access them at any time in your profile (located in the hamburger menu). Looking for a specific home improvement project that’s not in the app? Not to worry! DIYZ is continuously adding more and more projects so check back periodically.

2. Talk to a pro - You can’t get stuck! With one simple click, you can have a real-time video or audio chat with one of our licensed professional contractors. DIYZ home contractors have over 10+ years of industry experience and are available every day! Our experts have answers for any home improvement question – no matter the complexity.

3. Shop for tools - Find the right tools for your DIY project and learn how to use them. DIYZ provides recommended tools and materials to complete every home project. You can have them delivered to your door through our streamlined eCommerce experience or buy them at a local retailer. 

DIYZ provides a comprehensive range of home projects, including:

• Smart Home & Home Automation – DIYZ’s video library includes multiple projects to make your home go from ordinary to extraordinary! Automate your home with DIYZ.

• Bathroom Remodeling – Is your bathroom in need of a renovation? DIYZ provides several bathroom projects to take your bathroom to the next level.

• Kitchen Remodeling – Looking to change the backsplash in your kitchen, or upgrade your kitchen from top to bottom? DIYZ provides a comprehensive DIY project library for the job.

• Electrical Installation & Repair – For most home DIY’ers, electrical upgrades and changes can be intimidating, but not with DIYZ! Safety is our #1 priority, with precautions listed in every project. Still concerned? Talk to one of our licensed contractors free!

• Outdoor Projects & Home Exterior Maintenance – From lawn treatments to home exterior updates, upgrade your home’s exterior with ease.

• Lawn Maintenance & Garden Ideas – Looking to prep your lawn for spring or summer? DIYZ provides you with the steps to get the job done.

• Plumbing Installation & Emergency Home Repairs – Home emergencies are no fun, and can happen in the blink of an eye! Learn how to perform plumbing repairs and replacements yourself with DIYZ.

• Window & Door Replacements – Repair and replace your windows and doors with confidence!

From inspiration to renovation, DIYZ has a solution for you! Watch ‘how-to’ home improvement projects and learn ways you can improve the overall enjoyment of your home, such as ‘How to Build a Fire Pit’, and ‘How to Install a USB Outlet’! Or, improve your curb appeal and learn ‘How to Repair Cracked Concrete’, ‘How to Replace a Deck Board’, and ‘Edge a Garden Bed’! The choice is yours. Do it yourself. Do it wise.

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